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project details

MIRO MIREO 09:2017 For ZEPTER Interactive Picture frame



Interactive frame

The new perspective for a boring photo – mirror frame to something interactive, with a simple mechanism and a touch of science. The simple yet timeless graphics that represented human’s brain which complicate like labyrinth. The playful graphics not just a decorative, but also represent how we want to memories story or make it fade away.text

The frame has composed by the sandwich structure of resin frames and acrylic glasses fixed by the screws. Each glass has a handle, which allow users to rotate manually. The handles have coated by rubber, which help to hold the glass at the determined angle. The different graphic polarizers tined behind each glasses to create a diverse pattern through difference angles and contrast of light.
Roll the side handle to change the graphic. Each glass can be roll up to 180°.

Dimension : 700 x 65 x H700 mm.
Material : resin opac finishing, acrylic glass tinted with clear polarized film and rubber handle

MIro Mireo_Interior
MIro Mireo_How its work