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Q 09:2013 Compact toilet



Compact toilet

Thinking about the bathroom, and how it integrates with our homes and lives was the basis of the project. The quest was to understand the bathrooms that will fit into today’s lifestyle where space and water are a luxury.

The product integrates the bathroom into one single unit. We have questioned the existing parameters of bathroom use and tried to incorporate all the functions in the lowest possible denomination. It cleverly combines the various functions of a bathroom i.e. shower, wash, water closet into one single unit.

The general idea behind this concept was to create a product that is versatile for bathrooms in today’s lifestyle. In a world where space is at a premium and water is scarce with our project we wish to provide the desired comfort, flexibility of space and ease of installation.

Being a compact system its potential is for the future congested urban areas .Also disaster struck areas can benefit from it as it is quiet portable. Taking this idea further the system can be developed into modular units that can be customised to the user needs. For example, in aeroplanes one may not require a shower tray but may require a bigger storage tank or in public toilets the water closet could be replaced with simple urinals. The possibilities are endless.